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“Line ‘em up, shoot ‘em down. There’s a party going on in Jagertown” - are the opening lyrics of “Jagertown,” self-titled first album and the title track released nearly ten years ago.   This lyric had become synonymous with the band as their popularity grew across the West.

With the release of their second album, "Love On the Radio" they found their fan base rapidly growing and extending from California to South Dakota driven by amazing country festivals.  Jagertown’s high-energy show, well-crafted originals, and a sound that the country scene hasn’t had in a decade delivers on the promise that there will be a party going on with Jagertown’s on stage.

The release of “Sleepin’ with My Boots On,” the band's third album, elevating them to key support positions at many festivals and headlining special events around the country.

Now with the release of “Small Town Superstars,” their fourth studio effort, Jagertown’s fans, the “Jager Nation,” continue to grow.  Supporting their success and their latest charting single, “She Won’t Be Lonely,” Jagertown has expanded their “That’s Why I Drink” tour to include venues and festivals from Coast to Coast.

Member Bio's

​PRESTON CREED – Lead Vocals and Guitar

Singing from the age of three, Preston started following his passion in Hawaii, effluent by his parents that were both musicians.  Over the last decade, he has worked with Grammy winning producer Sir Mix A Lot on his R&B career recording singles with Pink and Warren G before joining Jagertown.  Preston’s unique songwriting brings a voice of great life experiences, excitiement and personal emotions to Jagertwon’s music.

​ELIZABETH “LIZ” ANDERSON – Fiddle/Violin and Vocals

Born in Salt Lake City, Liz has been in pursuit of expanding the role of violin/fiddle in music for nearly two decades.  Influenced by rock guitarist and funk keyboardist, she has continually influence Jagertown’s music. Her approach to the instrument is dramatically different, crafted through years of study that gained her two music degrees, and this incredible talent can be heard when she plays and her high energy performances have become fan favorites around the country.

​JESSE “JT” BROOKS – Bass and Vocals

J.T. was born into a modest musical farming family and began playing drums at the age of 14 progressing to the guitar and finally to the bass throughout his career.  Influenced heavily by classic country artists like Don Williams, Marty Robbins and Merle Haggard, Jesses has influenced Jagertown's sound giving them a cutting edge sound while staying partially grounded in country music tradition.  J.T. love to interact with the fans and often jumps off stage to jam with the fans at festivals around the country. 


Meter’s first drumming experience was with pots and pans at the age of 3 and ever since he has always had an emotional connection to the drums and deep passion and love of music. Meter’s infectious, never-ending smile elevates every performance, and his fun, loving and peaceful spirit has uplifted Jagertown’s songwriting, delivering powerful percussion from the recording studio to live performances around the country.


Danny is the youngest of three musically inclined brothers and was surrounded by rock and roll influences throughout his life.  Inspired by musical legends Randy Rhoads, David Gilmour and Eddie Van Halen, he developed his signature country-rock guitar sound, bringing the edge to Jagertown’s music and electrify the audience with his solos.